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Savary Island



Savary has few utilities, you have to make your own.

Telus provide landlines.

Cell phone service is patchy.   NEW TOWER IN LUND IS OPERATIONAL.


Internet, tether to cell phones, satellite and 'line of site' options.

Savary Guy, Ollie Linsley's  local RAINCOAST NETWORKS  .

A reliable practical internet option - 604-362-9940 /

TWINCOMM , based on Cortes Island - "Clink"

Rogers & Telus Hubs provide reasonably priced gigabytes.

T.V.  Satellite Systems ( still possible to get a couple of stations with a digital aerial.)





Water, Savary Shores has the Island's only Community Water System .

Otherwise it's wells ( mostly drilled ) , sandpoints are viable at Indian Point and Along Malasapina Promenade.

There are some high areas where a 'perched aquifer' makes dug wells feasible.


Propane is the 'workhorse' of Savary. Cooking, Hot Water and Refrigeration.

Regular delivery ( year round by Brackenwood Propane ).


Electricity; Generators, Solar Panels ( batteries & inverters )


Gasoline- There is a 'gas depot' at the corner of Patricia Crescent ( BY THE ONE MILE MARKER ) & Vancouver Boulevard.


Gas cans with owners names ( and addresses , high incidence of duplicate names here) on them

are left there empty and filled by Lund Water taxi.