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Savary Island



                              " SHACKS   to  CHATEAUX "

I have sold property on Savary since 1992.

On this site I have divided the Island in to these areas going  EAST to WEST.

Listings have links to MLS ( ) where you will find photos and locations

( maps a bit sketchy, but satellite imagery is good).


 "11 OCTOBER 2017, At The End of The Summer, inventory is substantially reduced, and the market remains active".



Malaspina Promenade aka 'The Front Row" and the slope leading up to the bluffs,

Ocean View Lane that over look South Beach


Up the hill from the dock, Savary's only community water system, wider lots,

beach access (South Facing) at Patricia Crescent. Church, gas depot ( store & restaurant  , currently closed).

DL 1375 - "Trillium"  

The owner of 50% of this parcel is in bankruptcy proceedings, there are negotiations underway to buy him out and preserve the land,

it would go to The Nature Trust of B.C. who currently own the other 50%.



Bluffs over sandy beaches from Leighton Road to Maclean.

Beach access at Sutherland Steps.

MID-ISLAND Interior - Mostly properties on vancouver Boulevard , from Leighton ( propane depot ) to Julian ( road to Meadows).



Area around Maclean & Julian Roads on The South Side.


Only South facing low bank available.

THE SAVARY ISLAND ROAD ( runs along the North Side )

For about half the Island this road runs along the North Side, beach access around Henderson Road.


Low lying westerns tip, easy beach access.


There are a few other professionals You might engage in the process of acquiring real estate.

Financing / Mortgages

Crista Petri - Scotiabank, Powell River Branch
7030 Alberni Street, Powell River, BC, Canada, V8A 2C3
T 1.604.485.3188 EXT 4202  F1.604.485.3194

Victor Anasimiv - Mortgage broker

Tel: (250) 338-3740   / Toll Free: (877) 623-6886 / Fax: (250) 338-6290 /

Appraisals -

Jake Zaikow - 604-485-7788





LAWYER / NOTARY - Realtors are obliged to recommend clients engage a legal representative to complete a sale / purchase.

Land Titles are making it more difficult for individuals to register their own property.

Janice Brehaut .secretary for Robert D. Villani, VILLANI & COMPANY Barristers and Solicitors
#103 - 7020 Duncan Street, Powell River, BC  V8A 1V9
Telephone:  604.485.6188 / Fax:  604.485.6923    /email:


TOM DOCKING – Whistler Lawyer*
Suite 338A – 4370 Lorimer Road, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada V0N 1B4
 Phone:             604-905-5180, Ext. 1 / Fax:                   1-866-974-7729 / Email:        /



Adam Thomsen, 'All Tides Consulting & Design ' If You want to be for sure about the foreshore'.

'Adam Thomsen, Senior Permitting Manager / Draftsman
5431 Carnaby Pl. | Sechelt BC | V0N3A7
(t) 604-885-8465   (e)


Insurance - looking for recommendations.--


The nearest town of size is Powell River, still very affordable and has a lot going for it;

I am happy to advise on home purchases here.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or for a tour.

Rick Thaddeus - 604-483-3218 / 604- 414-3947